Nice article in JJK magazine, Dec 2013 edition: 30 things to do to become a better Jakarta citizen. (By Imam WS, Gibran S, Jessicha V)

1. Learn how to drive properly
2. Stop blaming the traffic
3. Limit vehicle purchases
4. Don’t cheat and scam tourists
5. Keep your holiday plans domestic
6. Be confident with your English
7. Vanquish our inferiority complex
8. Embrace your culture
9. Stop blaming the government & do something
10. Real life is not like a sinetron
11. Don’t exaggerate
12. Stop worshipping celebrities
13. Calm down!
14. Keep it to yourself on social media networks
15. Stop fiddling with your gadgets
16. Get out more
17. Learn the noble art of queuing
18. Respect your elders
19. Learn how to cook
20. Don’t focus on keeping up with the latest trends
21. Curb your expenditure
22. Support local products & cut down on your addiction to branded goods
23. Stop asking for more
24. Burning rubbish should be a no-no
25. Death to the literbugs!
26. Excuse me, could you possibly be a little more polite please? Thank you!
27. Don’t let outdated & outmoded traditions get in your way
28. Be more open-minded when it comes to religion
29. Don’t be racist
30. Read more!

Ada yg ngerasa tertohok ga abis baca ini? πŸ˜„ – with Marsha, Kevin, Refi, Angesti, Adrian, Panji, and Rima at Hotel Grand Zuri Jababeka

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Food for Thoughts #1

Found this on my friend’s facebook. Kinda the tagline of my life right now. I also dedicate this to others struggling really hard for their dreams, future, and offcourse, their PRESENT.

Hope this could inspire you all!

There is NO oil if olives are not SQUEEZED….

There is NO wine if grapes are not PRESSED…

There is NO perfume if flowers are not CRUSHED…

So when there is PRESSURE in your life, Allah is bringing out the BEST in YOU!!!

Also quoting some people from work:

Always STRETCH yourself! And you’ll be amazed how high you can achieve..

That’s clearly what I’m gonna do right now. Tomorrow’s gonna be hectic for sure. *sigh*

Surabaya, April 11th, 2010

Cheers! *saying this with a heavy heart* 😦

There is NO oil if olives are not SQUEEZED…. There is NO wine if grapes are not PRESSED… There is NO parfume if flowers are not CRUSHED… So when there is PRESSURE in your life, Allah is bringing out the BEST in YOU!!!

Would you define this as “Haram”?

If you’ve lived in Indonesia long enough, I believe you’ve heard some controversial statements from MUI (Indonesia Ulema Council, got this translation from google btw). Earlier this year, MUI stated that pre wedding (pre-wed) photographs are “Haram” (or in other words: prohibited) for Moslems in Indonesia.

This takes me back to several years ago, when I was still in high school, I think. At that time, my mother commented on the wedding invitations that she received. In several of them, the soon-to-be-husband-and-wife are posing very intimately. Something not well-perceived by my mother, and perhaps also by other Indonesians who lived their younger lives in the 70’s, when most people still lived in the eastern way (read: more limited relationships between men and women, especially in terms of physical contact).

As I grew older, I saw more and more wedding invitations with special pre-wed pictures on them.. And I must say that most couples gave a lot of effort (finding the best photographer, locations, concepts, etc) and of course money to shoot a memorable pre-wed picture.Β  Those pictures basically showed people how much the couples are in love with each other and also how happy they are together. A very sweet thing, indeed. The photo themes are also becoming more and more creative. “The intimate pose” is no longer the only theme of pre wedding pictures.

Below is one example of a cute pre-wed picture. Unfortunately I have to edit the whole picture and close the bride and groom picture.. πŸ˜€ Hope you’ll get the concept..

Courtesy of someone on Facebook.

What do you think of this wedding invitation? It has a very simple concept. The couples sitting on each side of a park bench, hence far away from each other. No revealing clothes. Inexpensive photography. But still, happy faces (sorry, can’t show it.. :p).

Would this kind of pre-wed photo for a wedding invitation considered as “HARAM”? What’s your own standards of a pre-wed picture? Let me hear from you! πŸ˜‰

Surabaya, March 16th, 2010.

Cheers! *definitely in the mood for writing*

And the toughest part is always..

.. picking the best theme for my blog.. Something not too childish, something not too old, something quite cheerful, something fresh, and in the end, something perfect… πŸ˜‰ And voila, the new theme for my blog (from WordPress indeed).

As a year almost flew by since my last post, I’ve come to realize that this blog needs several changes. People (read: me) get bored, just like how you often get bored with your Facebook profile picture.. Or wearing the same old shoes to work.. Well, I believe you get my point.. πŸ˜€ I think I also gotta do a lot of simplifications in my blog. Not only for the readers, but also for my sake, especially if I try to write after hours.. Well, enough rambling from me..

In 2009, I have gone through several phases of life:

  1. as a chemical engineering student who’s desperately trying to finish her study, everything is difficult
  2. suddenly struck by the fact that leaving college a.s.a.p doesn’t sound too fun
  3. but eventually graduated on time
  4. felt the euphoria of graduation and the lazy moments that awaits afterwards
  5. start looking for jobs
  6. got rejected by future employers, several of them even in the very early stages
  7. start looking for jobs, again
  8. got tired and started travelling
  9. jumped in the jobseeking business again, hoping to get lucky
  10. after a quite short process.. found myself starting my career in one of the biggest fast moving consumer goods business in the world.. worth all the wait.. πŸ˜‰
  11. starting to miss college life, friends, family
  12. since we couldn’t turn back time…..
  13. i’ll just keep going and hope that i’ll survive in this company… πŸ™‚

this is my now..

Okay then, these are my updates.. I’ll be on a trip through out this week, hope it would be wonderful.. Quoting my company (trying to get this fixed in my mind also):

“make people feel good, look good, and get more out of life!”

What’s been going on in your lives? Do you feel more cheerful? Or gloomy? Well, in the end, wishing you all a wonderful life!

Surabaya, March 16th, 2010..


My marriage age is 27

I found this funny stuff when I read one of my friend’s note on Facebook. I suddenly feel curious about my results, so I’ve decided to right it down here. What is my marriage age? Hmm.. Let’s start..

>Put an X in every box that applies to you.
>Add up all the x`s and title subject with the sum as “My marriage age is__”
>Tag at least 10 people not in the mood to do all the tagging.. hehe

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ties-ties-ties jason mraz ngga sekeren itu tnyata stage actnya.. tp lumayan menghiburlah.. (music) – ties-ties-ties – #ilrig

ties-ties-ties jason mraz ngga sekeren itu tnyata stage actnya.. tp lumayan menghiburlah.. (music) – ties-ties-ties – #ilrig

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1.. 2.. 3.. You’re TAGGED!

First of all, I don’t really know why I wrote “1.. 2.. 3.. You’re TAGGED!” as the title of this post. It blurted out just like that. Second,Β  I got this tag stuff from Rani (I think it’s called meme or something?) a few months ago. I think I’m gonna do it now. Looks fun.. πŸ˜€

Are you ready? 1.. 2.. 3.. This is it:

The First One
These are the rules :
1. take a recent photo of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now
2. don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair, just take a picture
3. post that picture with no editing
4. post this instruction with your picture
5. tag 10 people to do this

dsc01657Ganti foto ah.. hehehe

After I upload the picture, I should tag 10 people. Here’s my list: Irman, Andien, Agus, Hanna, Ratih, Shinta, Yaya, Ojan, Upiek, and Rifka. Enjoy! hehehe.

I’m not finished by the way. There’s another tag stuff. Here it is: Continue reading