The story where I suddenly felt so busy but kept on writing this post.

This title describes perfectly what’s going on right now. Today is monday, the beginning of one of the busiest week I’ve expected this semester since I tend to push everything to the deadline. This should be a busy week for me but suddenly I end up here, in front of my laptop, sitting, writing this blog, and keep pushing things to the deadline when I should’ve been doing something else. A whole lot of something else. πŸ˜›

This post will show you how bad I am in time management. At least in these last few weeks. Maybe I’m getting old and tired, having a lack of exercise, lack of food (I don’t think so), lack of beauty sleep (hehe) and whatever else I’m lacking. But hopefully I’m not young, lazy, and futureless. (Naudzubillah min dzalik..) I’ve been in a much better state than I am now and I hope this writing will remind me of what I should do!

This is a glimpse of what I should have done or should be doing or at least try doing this week: (I’ve updated this on Thursday and wondered why was a lot of my tasks cancelled and delayed?)

  1. Do the Engineers Week LPJ due on Wednesday
  2. Prepare a minimum of 3 presentations for the group meeting at Mr. IGW’s (my lecture) lab tomorrow afternoon I’ve done my presentation on Tuesday (only 2 though πŸ˜› , and he was totally okay with it), and on Thursday I would give 4 presentations (hopefully..).
  3. Buy this book called ‘Conceptual Design blablabla’ and do my Chemical Process Design homework with my teammates Yay! I’ve bought the book and tried to do the assignment. Still not finished though. Gotta keep doing it!
  4. Prepare my Gas Processing Technology presentation in case I don’t get lucky and have to present my journal this Wednesday morning My presentation was CANCELLED! Damn! *oops πŸ˜› * This means no extra credit for me. Hey Mr. SA, I’ve read the paper a couple of times. How could you just cancel it and replace it with some other presentation? :-(.
  5. Prepare my internship presentation for Mr. TPA due on Thursday afternoon Fortunately, or unfortunately, this was delayed because Mr. TPA was kinda busy this week. Gotta prepare it from now! I didn’t want to push it to the deadline. Not my fault.
  6. Do my Industrial Waste Management assignment. Gonna do it today, after I get my dad’s package. Mission accomplished! πŸ˜€
  7. Do the BET surface area analysis for my research I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or not. But this wednesday seems to be Cancellation Day for me. I’m really out of luck. Let’s just say, something I need broke, not my fault at all, but it ruin my plans. (I’ll write about this series of unfortunate events in another post.)
  8. Meet Mr. SBG and Mr. IGW A.S.A.P to discuss my research. Since the number 7 priority is delayed, this number 8 priority is delayed as well.
  9. Send my sister’s birthday present I’ll just give it to her when I come home to Jakarta. Hopefully on Idul Adha..
  10. Sell some more Oriflame πŸ˜› . I’m glad to say that this is one of my plan that fit into place perfectly. Well done Tiestri! πŸ˜‰
  11. Arrange everything arrangable in my life… least I arranged my Oriflame order list.. πŸ˜‰
  12. Write something in this blog You can see my writing here, right? πŸ˜‰

But on the contrary, these are what I’ve done or have been doing last weekend and on the beginning of this week:

  1. Opened facebook, yahoo messenger, wordpress,, and other sites without any time limit
  2. Searched for Gossip Girl’s upcoming episodes spoilers
  3. Played the games on facebook and couldn’t stop
  4. Went to Jakarta to watch Jazz Goes to Campus, got wet, got dry again, stand for nearly 6 hours, and went back to Bandung (all in 12 hours time).. extremely exhausting!
  5. Went to Oriflame Bandung to buy some orders from my customers
  6. Opened microsoft powerpoint and word, but didn’t do anything important
  7. Starting to wonder when will I start all the work I should’ve been doing
  8. Still haven’t start doing anything on the top priority list
  9. Starting to feel sleepy and thinking that I should just do all of it tomorrow at 4 in the morning
  10. Still writing this post
  11. Finally decided that this post has to end…
  12. …and go to sleep

Well, 12 important plans and 12 useless *well not everything is useless* actions. At least I won in the zero sum game. πŸ˜›

I hope I still have a chance tomorrow to finish all these stuff. I’ll consider this as my to-do list this week. Let’s hope I get it finished by the end of the week!

Have a great week and do your best in everything. Bye!


4 responses to this post.

  1. ini mah besar pasak daripada tiang


    sempet2nya nge-MLM lagi

    Sell some more Oriflame πŸ˜›

    coba pak SBG ma IGW ngeliat list2 diatas (hahahaha kaya apa ya kejadiannya)

    hue hue hue

  2. hahaha …
    at least lo msh niat buat nge-list dan meng-update task2 elo Bay
    bikin semangat lagi, buat ngingetin
    ditambah lagi ditulis di blog …

    btw skrg intensifikasi proses jadi mata kuliah pilihan fav anak2 y?
    waktu jaman gue dulu mata kuliah apa y namanya … gue lupa krn gk ngambil
    yg ngajar juga ada byk dosen (kl gk salah 4 org) dgn keahlian mereka masing2

  3. ah come on, why hurry? there is plenty of time a day and if you don’t have a day, you still have another day tomorrow!

    you know what I’m thinking is? well, based on my experience, there is a 99% probability that everything will have gone well by deadline (or in the very right time, in a nick of a minute just before the deadline).

    so, why worry? HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

    PS. Good luck with your blog! πŸ˜€

    Michael Hutagalung
    -deadliners sejati-

  4. @Efrat:
    Wah ini emang bukan buat konsumsi Pak SBG dan Pak IGW, bahaya. gw harap mereka ga terlalu melek teknologi. πŸ˜›
    tapi Pak SBG juga skarang udah pasrah kynya mahasiswa TRK ngga ada yang nge-run, cmn Devin. Dia pernah bilang gini: “Yang ngambil penelitian di TRK semester ini cuman kelompoknya Devin ya?” jep..jep..jep.. untung gw ga denger langsung. :))

    karena udah mau deadline smua, jadinya gw list jan? Kalo ngga biasanya gw simpen di bagian terdalam otak gw. πŸ˜›
    Inpro ngga jadi favorit 2005 justru. yang ngambil cuman sekitar 12 orang malah. Banyakan 2006nya. Yg ngajar ada 4 dosen, Pak YWB, MP, AT, dan DA. Masih inget inisial2 ini kan? πŸ˜‰

    (in english deh ya..hehe)
    Thanks bel (or michael? hehe)!
    I really wanna agree with you since I’ve been a deadliner all the way from Elementary school. Yes, those tasks still went perfectly well (or not that perfect?) even if we do it really close to the deadline.
    But these days all those deadlines really made me NEUROTIC!!
    I’m bored of people asking questions, “What are you doing? haven’t you finished it, it’s almost the deadline!”. Sometimes I wanna be the one who asks those questions to people.. Pace people’s adrenalines and look at their panic faces.. :))
    Oh no, I’m mean.. hahaha, I’ll just keep on being a deadliner.. πŸ˜‰

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