Can we wait for one more day?

Last monday, I heard this rumour: gossip girl’s 12th episode won’t be released on November 24th, instead it would be released on the 1st of December.

(I chose this first promo poster for Gossip Girl Season 1 because        Serena looked very innocent here 😉 )

Back to the topic. I couldn’t believe my ears, so I double-checked,  and even triple-checked the news in various websites and finally  have to admit that the rumours were true! 😦

Last monday was a really bad time to not-release a new Gossip Girl  episode. Having read rumours and spoilers all over the internet, I  was actually expecting it. Sounds stupid huh, for a final year  Chemical Engineering student to still obsess on a high school  drama. 😉  I guess the popular saying is true, “High school drama  never ends!” 😛

For those of you who don’t mind reading spoilers, you can take it  from these links below:

Andrew Tyler

Chuck 2.0


For a sneak peek, these are a few interesting photos from Gossip Girl’s tomorrow night episode “What a Wonderful Lie”.

So, which couple is your favourite? As for me, I’m Chuck and Blair all the way.. 😉


5 responses to this post.

  1. wah tiestri ada blog juga yach.. baru ketemu nih.. He9.

  2. bayiii. hehe. mau dunk gossip girl nyaa.. =) hehe. kapan ya? =)

  3. Posted by irmangust on December 3, 2008 at 11:38

    my fave is the fake chuck n blair..hehe

    [bay,,GG kena UU pornografi g?hehe]

  4. sebel..GG-nya kurang seru! cukup mengecewakan! huh..

  5. @Hans Gunawan:
    iya hans, baru bikin blog gw.. wish me luck! 😉

    boleh2..tinggal bilang aja ke gw, ntar gw bawain.. komplit kok dari season 1.. 😛

    hehehe setuju man.. kok bisa ya mukanya mirip gitu.. tapi aneh bgt muka si fake chuck and blair, apalagi si fake chuck, kaya vampir.. :))
    hmm..kena UU itu ngga ya? ngga tau UUnya kaya gmn isinya.. hahaha 😛

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