Goodbye two thousand and eight, maybe I’ll miss you..

It’s already 10 minutes to midnight and this is gonna be my last post in 2008. I think I’m really making progress this year in welcoming the new year. Usually I go straight to bed like any other day and woke up the following morning just like any other day too. 😀

But this year, I seem to have more energy to stay up until midnight. I’ve just got home from MPXgrande movie theater where I watched Transporter 3 with my family. Definitely not a “Happy New Year” movie. 😛 Finally I know what it feels like to stay awake on a new year’s eve. Nothing special. Only a few super noisy neighbours celebrating it by blowing horns and lighting fireworks. It’s not special. It is annoying. hahaha.. 😀

Finally, goodbye 2008..Welcome 2009.. I’ve learned a lot in 2008 and please don’t make me stop learning in 2009.

So, this is the end of this post. I’m not the new-year-resolution-maker type so I’ve got nothing else to write yet. Good luck in the new year. Hope your dreams come true.. 😉


2 responses to this post.

  1. ouw, welcoming new year by writing blog, a new trend (maybe) for 2009 hehehe ….
    but it was better i think than driving around in dark and scary road at the new year eve

    MPX grande? know this cinema from Arisan! movie but never have a chance to try to watch there. next time we’ll watch there together bay!!!

  2. new years is the best time to reflect ourselves in the past year. one the best way is by writing something which needs a lot of thinking. 😉

    come on! let’s go to MPX Grande, tell your friends too. 😀
    murah lho jan, weekdays 15rb, dgn fasilitas bioskop lux.tapi agak sepi sih skarang. cuman enak buat pergi rame2. brasa bioskop milik sendiri. hehe.

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