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Nice article in JJK magazine, Dec 2013 edition: 30 things to do to become a better Jakarta citizen. (By Imam WS, Gibran S, Jessicha V)

1. Learn how to drive properly
2. Stop blaming the traffic
3. Limit vehicle purchases
4. Don’t cheat and scam tourists
5. Keep your holiday plans domestic
6. Be confident with your English
7. Vanquish our inferiority complex
8. Embrace your culture
9. Stop blaming the government & do something
10. Real life is not like a sinetron
11. Don’t exaggerate
12. Stop worshipping celebrities
13. Calm down!
14. Keep it to yourself on social media networks
15. Stop fiddling with your gadgets
16. Get out more
17. Learn the noble art of queuing
18. Respect your elders
19. Learn how to cook
20. Don’t focus on keeping up with the latest trends
21. Curb your expenditure
22. Support local products & cut down on your addiction to branded goods
23. Stop asking for more
24. Burning rubbish should be a no-no
25. Death to the literbugs!
26. Excuse me, could you possibly be a little more polite please? Thank you!
27. Don’t let outdated & outmoded traditions get in your way
28. Be more open-minded when it comes to religion
29. Don’t be racist
30. Read more!

Ada yg ngerasa tertohok ga abis baca ini? 😄 – with Marsha, Kevin, Refi, Angesti, Adrian, Panji, and Rima at Hotel Grand Zuri Jababeka

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